How are students selected for the summer program?

Each of the four modules and final project (Module 5) will be assessed using the descriptions inside of each module. Students are selected for the Summer Academy program based on completion of modules, quality of work and timeliness.

Where will I stay during the summer program?

You will be housed two to a room (same gender) at a dormitory near Wallops Flight Facility. All meals will be provided, and you will be chaperoned at all times.

Can my parents visit during the week?

No. We recommend that parents not come to the Summer Academy unless for drop off or pick up. We want to totally immerse students in the academic program. However, please notify staff in the event of an emergency.

What if I have a medical condition that requires I take medicine during the day?

Just bring your medication with you during the day and please let us know about your requirement on your Medical Release Form that will be sent to you. If you have medicine that needs refrigeration and you must take it during the day, we can make arrangements as long as we know ahead of time.